April 2023 Scores


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Thoughts for this years Pitman comeback tour as far as points in the 4 majors (2v2, Presidents Cup, 1v1 and Ryder Cup) and weekly points to get us to the final 10 shootout

Let me know your thoughts please, thought if we put it out now, we can decide dates and out on Calendar
April 1. Opening day

Top 10 shootout will be in early- mid November (Oct 28 will be last round)

$25 a guy,
2nd gets 20%
Winner gets 80%
Monthly scoring system ….

2 best rounds per month (Saturdays, starting 4/1)

Add your two best NET scores

At the end of each month (last Saturday) the player with lowest combined net will get the following

1st (and ties) 8 points
Next (and ties) 6 pnts
Next (and ties) 5 pnts
Next (and ties) 4 pnts
Next (and ties) 3 pnts
Next (and ties) 2 pnt
All others 0 points

2v2 tourney (starts 4/8) $25 a man

Blind draw
1 point per win
2 points if u make it to finals
5 points champion

* 1st round match MUST be played by 4/29

*If matches aren’t played, teams will play 4/23-4/29 and match cards (10-17-16-15 tie breaker) if one team doesn’t play, they will forfeit match
*2nd round Must be played by 5/20 (same rules apply)
3rd round MUST be played by 6/3
Presidents Cup (June 10,17 or 24)
$25 a man (2 rounds on our Saturday)

1 point per individual win, 1/2 ties
5 points for team win

1v1 (starts 7/8)
$25 a man

1st round MUST be played by 7/22
2nd round MUST be played by 8/5
3rd round MUST be played by 8/19
4th round MUST be played by 8/23

1 point per win
3 points finals
6 points championship

Ryder Cup (September)
$50 a man

1 point individual tie
2 points individual win
6 points team win