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I am a programmer. You are not expected to understand the techno-babble below.

This is my website. There are many others like it, but this one is mine.

Please feel free to download any of my games by clicking on the images on the right. I have spent many hours coding these time-wasters for your enjoyment, and for the sheer joy of exercising control over the electrons and radio waves currently bombarding your skull from the x-ray projector inside your computer screen.

These are free to download. That means that I make no guarantee that they won't do anything bad to you or your pet turtle. I promise that any bugs in the code are accidental, and not an attempt to hack your machine.

Some of these games are older than others. Asteroids as shown on the right was originally coded by me in the summer of 2000 in c++ and compiled under DJGPP to run under MS-DOS protected mode directly programming the VGA card. The version available for download, like all of the others currently, uses the SDL library for cross-platform compatibility. This means that if you have the proper tools, and you are a computer programmer, you can maybe tweak a Makefile or two and get them to run on Linux, Windows, a Mac, Playstation, cellphone, or possibly an abacus, to varying degrees of performance. For the convenience of my target audience, they are compiled as statically-linked Windows executables, which means just download the file, unzip if you like, and double-click the program. To comply with the LGPL, I will gladly provide a dynamically linked executable, as well as the .dll's necessary to run them, and all of the source code to the Free Software libraries used in this project, if you contact me and ask. I fully intend to release the source code to at least some of these projects as well, maybe all of them, at some point in the mysterious future.

My email address is e.lord@lwtelecom.com

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Well, this is where you come in. I don't know why you came to my site, but perhaps you'd like to share your reasons? Do you want to know more about me, my games, programming in general, life? No, probably not, but maybe you think I should add something to the site or one of the games. I'm all ears. Simply fill out the form below. You have to leave your name, but the email address is optional. I will read your message, and if you're not totally stupid I'll probably respond to it. Stupidity will be determined by me and is non-negotiable.

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